martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

Cafe Tortoni Report

I arrived @ Cafe Tortoni on a chilly evening and I had to wait on the line for about 10 min before there was a table available inside. It was just another stop on my list of things to do in BA until I walked into this old-world palace. I know it sounds weird, but you literally felt like you stepped back in time. Dimmed warm lights, wood panels on the wall, tasteful marble, and stained-glass ceilings were all perfectly preserved relics of a different time. Service was quite enjoyable and friendly. My waiter came over often just to make sure my glass was filled with water or just to straighten my silverware. Although, there was a full menu available, I kept my order simple with tea and desserts. The tea service was full of pomp and circumstance, there were so many parts to it, including little treats! My desserts were fantastic. There was a tango show later that evening, but I declined. There were plenty of tourists snapping away, but over to my right, was a table with two couples. They were of a particular age and looked like old friends from years past. In my head, I imagined that they’d come to the café a million times before, sitting in the same spot eating and drinking. They seemed secluded in their own moment in time. You almost felt like an interloper invading this place to sit amongst the locals. There’s something about its ambiance that draws you in. It takes you back to a place you never knew existed.

viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2012

A walk by Palermo Soho

Some Images by daylight of Palermo Soho. Good looking women all around. Nice place and I feel safe walking by. Muy Bonito!

October 18th NightLife in Buenos Aires

Great night, october 18th in Buenos Aires. Everything seems to be magic and people is fun! I'm happy for my decision of leaving my life for a while and start this trip.

Palermo Soho

October 17th Been to a bar in palermo soho. It looks this is the place where the outsiders meet in Buenos Aires. Prices are ok, I had a couple of drinks, a couple or more... I'm loving this city